A key way to grow in your faith is to go deep into discipleship with a few other people as you study Scripture together. There is an element of personal initiative that every follow of Jesus must learn to take in his or her own discipleship.



  • 3 to 5(max) people, men with men and women with women

  • Meeting weekly at a time that fits with our schedule (early, lunch, evening, weekend, etc)

  • A focus on becoming more like Jesus in every area of life

  • A primary diet of studying Scripture together

  • Occasionally supplemented with timely topics

  • Growing in Redemption > Mission > Community > Culture as a life of Worship

  • Coaching and support from the church

PDF - More Details on Discipleship Groups

Recommended book: Gospel Centered Discipleship


The first place to start is to look for a few other people in your Community Group who you would like to pursue discipleship with. Ask your Community Group leader for help with this. If you're not already in a Community Group, that should be your first step.

Or, if you know other people at Village who would like to start a group with you, that’s OK also. Pick a time and get started!

Join the Men’s Discipleship or Women’s Discipleship groups on VCO, where you will receive encouragement and coaching for your group. If you do not already have people to start a group with, posts in these resource groups will help you make some connections, and you can ask your Community Group leader for help.