The Formation of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is a very old book. How can we trust that a book that is thousands of years old is accurate? How was it formed? How was it decided what would be included? Can we trust the translations we have? Join us as we take a look at the historicity of the Old Testament and the process by which we have our current translations.

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The Gospel and Social Justice

In this episode, we discuss the issues around social justice and the impact that has on the mission of the church.

What is social justice, and what are the historic roots of this term? What is the difference between social justice and Biblical justice? Does a call for social justice align with the Gospel and the mission of the Church?

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Ask Anything

Everyone has questions about theology that often go unanswered. Here’s your chance to get some answers! On Sunday evening, July 16, you can ask anything. Do you have questions about the Bible, doctrine, Jesus, the Church, the sovereignty of God, etc? This will be truly be a night of AskAnything, so ask.

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A Christian Worldview

What does it mean to have a Christian worldview, and what are the other dominant worldviews of our culture? This is the question we will explore at the next Theology Matters. 

Understanding both the Christian worldview and the worldviews of our culture is critical for thoughtfully living out our calling to be and make disciples of Jesus.

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