Family: God's Plan for Flourishing

Feb 03, 2019 | Steve Gentry

Part 1 - Reforming a Vision for Family

Genesis 2:24-25

Pastor Steve Gentry
"Reforming a Vision for Family"
Genesis 2:24-25

The Gospel Recovers God’s Design for Family
- Genesis 2:24-25
- Genesis 2:18
- Matthew 19:5

Family Is the Height of Human Experience
- Genesis 1:28
- Genesis 4:1
- Genesis 9:1

Building a Family Is Worth the Cost
- Deuteronomy 11:18-21
- 1 John 2:15

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Series Information

What is a family? 

These things are all gifts from God, meant for our good. But sometimes family can feel more like a burden.

In this new series, we're going to talk about how God intends family to be a joy that helps us to flourish.