We believe that living in Biblical community is an essential part of the life of anyone who intends to follow Jesus. But this type of community doesn’t just happen, it takes intentionality. At Village Church, Community Groups are the primary way we participate in Biblical community.

What happens at Community Group?

Growth - Once a week we gather in homes across the greater Richmond area to study the Bible, discuss the Sunday sermon, and apply the truth to our lives.

Care - Community Groups exist so that relationships can be built where we live out the “one another’s” of Scripture. We care for one another through prayer, listening, encouraging, meeting needs, and challenging each other.

Mission - Each of us have been called to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Community Groups are a missional hub where we can come together and strategize on the best way to reach others with the Gospel. 

How do I get connected to a Community Group?

Our Community Groups are open, which means you can try a few before settling on one. To join a Community Group, fill out the online form below:

Is Childcare provided?

Childcare is provided for most Community Groups. We take the safety of children seriously. Each Childcare worker is required to go through training before being approved to watch children. For more details on what childcare looks like at each Community Group contact the Group Leader before attending.

Community Group Connect Form



Sunday 6:00pm Genito/Hull St*
Sunday 6:00pm Powhatan*
Monday 6:30pm West End*
Tuesday 7:00pm Charter Colony*
Tuesday 6:30pm Smoketree*
Tuesday 6:30pm Woodlake*
Tuesday 6:30pm Chester/Bermuda*
Wednesday 6:30pm Brandermill*
Wednesday 7:00pm Providence*
Wednesday 6:30pm Elm Crest*
Wednesday 6:45pm Salisbury*
Wednesday 7:00pm Lucks Lane*
Wednesday 7:00pm Surreywood*
Wednesday 7:00pm Chester/Iron Bridge*
Wednesday 7:00pm Chester/Salem Woods*
Thursday 7:00pm Stonehenge*


*Childcare options available


(neighborhood designations are to give you an idea of the different groups we have and the general area where they meet, but groups are not limited to those in the listed neighborhood)

VillageStudents - Sunday - 6pm - Village Church