Profile image of Steve Gentry

Steve Gentry

Lead Pastor

Twitter: @stevegentry

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Married to: Jessie Gentry
Education: M.A. Pastoral Counseling; M.Div. Theology and Apologetics
Passions: making Jesus known to a culture desperately unaware of its need for Him; teaching Biblical truth with compassion, relevance, and urgency; seeing ordinary people become God's extraordinary Church

Profile image of Nate Schlomann

Nate Schlomann

Executive Pastor

Facebook: nateschlomann

Hometown: North Pole, AK
Married to: Katie Schlomann
Education: M.A. Discipleship; M.A. Counseling Human Resources
Passions: making mission practical; the hope of life-change; shifting people’s love from money to Jesus

Profile image of James McLean

James McLean

Community Life Pastor

Facebook: jamesmclean77
Twitter: @jamesmclean

Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Married to: Kelsey McLean
Education: M.A. Christian Ministry
Passions: helping people encounter God through musical worship; building discipleship relationships that lead to Christ-like transformation

Profile image of Clint  Miller

Clint Miller

Campus Pastor - Chester

Facebook: clint.miller.5205

Hometown: Spring City, PA
Married to: Brooke Miller
Education: M.A. Theological Studies
Passions:  helping people trust the Gospel of Jesus in all areas of life; encouraging and equipping people to live as missionaries to everyone around them

Profile image of Tyler Landis

Tyler Landis

Worship Director

Facebook: Tyler.Landis91

Profile image of Kayla Larsen

Kayla Larsen

Village Kids Director

Facebook: kayla.teachey

Profile image of KJ Washington

KJ Washington

Village Students Director

Facebook: kelvinwashington13
Twitter: @KelvinJamal

KJ also serves as a Church Planting Apprentice

Profile image of Joey Vest

Joey Vest

Technical Director

Facebook: joeyvest